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Preparing for Parenthood - Sleep Essentials

Posted by Isobel Armstrong on

When you are preparing for the arrival of your newborn there are so many things to think about that it can be difficult to know what to prioritise. So many people focus on a nursery, which can be as big a project as you would like, but I try to remember that it is advised that a baby spends the first six months of their life in their parents room and a separate nursery isn't essential straight away. As your baby will spend so much time sleeping in the first few months of their lives this is a good place to start. A safe and comfortable sleeping environment is the first thing to consider and there is some great advice available online; www.lullaby
With this in mind, I prefer to focus upon one thing at a time; where my baby will sleep.  We are expecting our second child - a girl this time - in July and the room that would be an ideal nursery is currently full of Magnus & Mouse stock, props, samples and other stuff. I'm not panicking about it, there's plenty of time to create the perfect nursery but in three months time I simply need a nice bed ready for my new arrival and space to change and feed her within my bedroom. In fact, her brother Magnus stayed in with us until he was over a year old because he was a quiet little sleeper and we couldn't bear to part with him so if this happens again we'll have even longer to sort the nursery out.

Magnus & Mouse Fitted Moses Sheet 

Initially I used a BabyBay crib with my son, something that attached to the side of my own bed and allowed me to gently push him away from me and into his own space with little disturbance after feeding. I later found that he settled well in a moses basket and seemed to sleep for longer periods. This time I have opted for a traditional moses basket straight away, a smaller space to emulate the feeling of the womb and something that I can have upstairs and down - they are so reasonably priced I have bought two. It is advised that a new mattress is purchased for a new baby and so I have opted for a decent quality standard sized moses mattress. Check the size of the basket you have purchased, some luxury ones are bigger but the standard size is 74x28 cm and if you stick to the standard size you will find it easier to get hold of essentials such as fitted sheets mattresses and mattress protectors. I will have a handful of fitted sheets at the ready and this makes for a safer environment for the baby as all of the sheet is tucked out of the way around the mattress. Try our  Magnus & Mouse fitted moses basket two-pack starter set, we offer a selection of beautiful designs in 100% organic cotton in the standard size.

A baby won't be in a moses basket for more than a few months before you feel ready to put them into the cot. There are some safe sleep guidelines on the things to consider as your baby graduates to a cot, check the websites I have mentioned above for guidance. I had a cot bumper for Magnus but in recent years these have been questioned. As the advice is to keep toys and accessories to a minimum I will simply using a beautifully printed Magnus & Mouse fitted sheet. This immediately makes the space look much more appealing without it being cluttered with hazards. With Magnus I didn't know which advice to follow and I ended up buying a cot rather than a cot-bed but it meant that I had to look at buying a full sized bed when he was only two years old as the cot became too small and didn't convert. This time I will invest in a longer lasting cot-bed and this means that the mattress and bedding will last me from when the baby is a few months old right up until she is three. With this in mind, Magnus and Mouse sheets and blankets are designed to appeal as much to the parents as the babies and toddlers, to work within a parents bedroom, and yet to appeal to a toddler a few years down the line.

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